The Enchanted Forest (with Saint George slaying the dragon on an Xbox and a boar-unicorn)

c-print, 115x80cm, 2019

In stories, a hero goes into the enchanted forest to  defeat some great evil as a heroic act, to return victoriously. Changed by the big event, wiser than ever. Now we sneak after our hero and it turns out the heroic deed is only a victory on Xbox. And there is no danger at all in the frightening dark forest, just a very kind boar-unicorn, watching the same thing that we do.

It’s all just a big scam? We’ve been fooled to believe that heroism exists? Maybe we were, maybe it just tastes different when we take part. It doesn’t really matter, as the shapless deep nothing looms in the background and now we’re surely headed there. See things, do things as we move. Maybe even some heroic stuff, maybe not. But it’s very likely that that’s all we have. Stories.