Paperbacon (with Marina Sztefanu)

environment, approx. 30m2, 2020

Joint work with Marina Sztefanu

Roasting bacon in a vegetable garden. Our teenage memories added up over time and turned into lightheartedness. We dragged it into the present, but that has changed it. Contaminated by now. By the place where we now live, the environment where we exist and the people we now meet.

It has become a hybrid (synthesized) reality, where the fire is cold, the food is fake and the constant darkness is only illuminated by electric light. Because of this, even if we are in it we can only observe from the outside. We know what is happening, but cannot truly take part in it. We cannot roast our bacon. Yet in our own way, we can enter (again) the ritual of eating around the fire, which is older than time. In a garden, which is a set for creating food, a clear space, where the meaning of invested work is beyond debate.

This synthetic pseudo-reality possesses one trait that reality does not have: it remains so. Which is good because it is as if we are a bit scared that it will disappear from our memories.

photos: Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss and Gusztáv Nikázy