Mermaids in the bog (and the vague memories I sense sometimes)

c-print, 115x76cm, 2020

A stinky bog where mermaids live. They are real, but I don’t know why are they in a place like this.  Maybe because they can’t be anywhere else. I imagine their natural habitat nothing like this, but they seem ok. And that’s enough, they are just as pretty. I’m battling melancholy from time to time. When my days get wounded, I enjoy going to the Reál store on Budafoki road. It has the vibe of the grocery stores I enjoyed going back home, when I was a kid. It was mysterious, because we never bought anything unnecessary, and those were in the most colorful packages. In these moments, I vaguely feel how was it like to be home. It’s good to remember. To remember everything. To not forget. I recall the grasshoppers in the garden too, and the frogs we hunted. They’re here as well with the mermaids.