Gergő Fülöp: SUNSHINE, 2018.07. – 2018.08.


notions, the work revolves around:
-mortality, existence, non-existence, remembrance, resting, happiness, grief, sorrow
Sunshine deals with the seemingly irresolvable question of the need for certainties, when there are none. It came from a childhood memory of mine. I saw an illustrated picture about the Resurrection in a missionary brochure in my grandmothers kitchen: golden light, clean white dresses, cypresses, some kind of citrus odour, unspeakable happiness and relief.
But in my installation I present passing as we know it. With the imagery of Heaven, which is based on human desire, I visualize the unconceivable, but ultimate demise. We can read, like a last word, the text „I am here – and there you are”, meaning that the subject is not in the same place as the viewer (as a matter of fact the subject is not. It is nowhere).
The unconceivable nature of demise affects everyone, and without the explanations of religion, we are alone with the question. Which leaves the subject in a stressed out deadlock when facing it.