Davide di Votti: When my body is alien 2020.08.16.-2020.09.09.


Being enclosed in a body is a universal experience, even if we don’t realize it particularly. And to what direction, and how this fact influences our lives, is an equation with many unknowns, multiplied by chance.

Be it good, bad or everything in between, we can’t just step out of it. And if the equation goes badly, we receive an ever-present, tough frustration for an unseparable partner. In his installation, Davide di Votti revolves around this topic. The potential disharmony of mind and body. He tries to grasp and, to some extent, process the inevitability of this feeling.

His aim is to make it experiencable as much as it is possible. To condolence with the ones in the same boots, articulate that they are not alone, and for the others at least to try to achieve that they won’t judge so quickly, to realize that the burden is already heavy without them.

part of the program of Budapest Pride 2020

photos: Viktor Klug